Tips On How To Style Your Linen Pants

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If you ever tried rocking a pair of linen pants but instead feel like you are wearing pajamas, we are here to help. Linen pants are one of the most comfortable pants to wear, but can be tricky to style as it is a  very soft material. However, the upside is that they are extremely breathable and very easy to move in. Read on to find out tips on how you can style your linen pants!

Pair Linen Pants with a Piece that has Harder Texture

When you pair linen pants with a soft shirt made out of cotton, or a casual t-shirt, these two soft pieces can contribute to a very “pajamas-like” look. In order to balance out the soft texture of linen, you can pair it with an item that has a harder texture like a hat, or some accessories like jewelry. If you live in a colder climate, you can even consider wearing a denim jacket. These harder textures will make you look more polished, and prevent you from looking like you just hopped out of bed.

Pair Linen Pants with a Fancier Top

Do not be constrained by the soft and casual look of linen pants- you can definitely pair this versatile piece with a fancier top to elevate your entire look. Fancy tops work well with linen pants, as linen pants are extremely versatile pieces. They can make you look dressier more polished.

Some tops that you can consider are lace tops, or a louder top in a bright color or with strong prints. One style you can definitely consider is pairing your linen tops with a leopard print top. Since linen pants are mostly plain, it will be able to balance out the loud designs you choose to wear. To make your entire look even more professional, consider throwing a cardigan or blazer over your outfit!

Opt for Tops that have Finished Hems

Pairing your linen pants with tops that are too long or that hand too loosely may make you look very sloppy, and does not do much to flatter your shape. It may also look like you had just rolled out of bed. To avoid that look, wear something that looks like you put in some effort. Even little details like doing a front tuck, or tying a twist at the bottom of your shirt to get it to the right length will help you look a lot more put together and polished instead of just throwing on something that hangs loosely on you. Some styles you can try to go with your linen pants include a knotted top, or a front tuck. This works best with soft materials like linen.

Pair Linen Pants with Legit Shoes

With softer materials like linen, we should always go for “real” shoes that are presentable, instead of your comfy crocs or cheap flip flops. Wearing legitimate shoes or even versatile summer sandals can elevate your entire look, and make you look a lot more put together. Shoes are the finishing touch to your outfit so, skip those rubber slippers you’re tempted to wear and opt for shoes that will help put your outfit together.

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