Staying Sharp in Hot Weather with a Guayabera

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Portrait Jugendlicher Latino Kubaner in traditioneller Guayabera

Guayabera shirts are a garment that can not only keep you cool in this sweltering heat, but are also functional and stylish pieces that go well with anything. Increasingly, guayabera shirts are becoming more of a staple in men’s closets, as they are suitable both for casual and formal wear. Read on to find out more about guayaberas as a classic men’s shirt, and find out how you can still stay sharp in this hot weather with this piece of garment.

What are Guayabera Shirts?

Guayabera shirts originated from Latin America. The most defining features about guayabera shirts is that they have two or four pockets at the front of the shirts, and have two rows of pleats or embroidery down the front of the shirt. These pleats are also known as tuxes. The straight hem of the shirt is meant to be untucked.

Wearing the Guayabera in a Casual Way

The guayabera shirt is commonly used as casual wear in the United States, and can be worn without a jacket. The hem is even and slightly longer, and is meant to be worn over the trousers and belts. There are no hard and fast rules surrounding the wear of guayaberas. They also go well with jeans or work pants. To dress down, you can even pair a guayabera shirt with cotton slacks. If you are feeling touristy and would like to rock that look, opt for shorts to go with your guayabera shirt. It is a perfect combination to remain stylish and stay cool in the heat. 

Depending on the type of guayabera you buy, different pants or garments will go differently with it. Guayaberas can be classified into three general categories. 

Firstly, they can be classified as practical working clothes. Such guayaberas are meant for field work, and have a light color to reflect the sun and absorb minimal heat. The vertical pleats on these guayaberas allow more air in to make the garment more breathable.

They can also be worn as a festive shirt, with guayaberas that are either long-sleeved or short-sleeved. Festive guayaberas are often colorful, and bright pastels are commonly used in these guayabera shirts.

Guayabera shirts can also be classified as tourist clothes. This includes guayaberas that are very bright, and usually have contrasting colors that are loud. Guayaberas can be considered the Latin American version of the Hawaiian shirt, and are usually worn by Americans who are on vacation.

Wearing Guayaberas as Formal Wear

Some nations have started to adopt Guayabera shirts as a type of formal or business wear, including areas like the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico. It is even officially considered formal garment wear in Cuba, where even the leaders of the nation wear them to attend certain public events. Formal guayabera shirts can even be considered for weddings, and are fantastic garments at keeping those who wear it cool all day long. These formal guayabera shirts are usually long-sleeved and have a plain white or cream color.

Interested in getting a guayabera to stay sharp this summer? Look no further than Casual Tropical Wear. We have good quality guayaberas made of either cotton or linen, that will help you stay cool and stylish during the hot weather. Feel free to check out our collection today!

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