How To Wear Linen This Spring And Summer

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When the weather gets warmer, a lot more people will start turning to linen clothes to keep them cool in the heat. Popular options include linen jackets, linen pants or a linen-blend tee. Not only are these pieces of clothing comfortable, they are also extremely stylish and versatile, allowing you to choose to either dress them up or dress them down. However, just as any garment out there, there are some ways you can elevate your entire look with linen clothes. Read on to find out more about how you can wear linen this spring and summer!

Get Linen Pieces that Flatter Your Shape

Sometimes, certain linen clothes can appear boxy and stiff. They do not do anything to flatter your body shape, and only make you look like a box. Instead, you can try looking for linen pieces that are made to hug the right areas. Going for oversized linen pieces can sometimes contribute to that squarish look, so the trick may be to size down or to get a linen piece that fits you well. At Casual Tropical Wear, our linen clothes are designed to flatter and fit all kinds of body shapes.

Don’t Worry About Wrinkles

If you have experience with linen clothes, you may sometimes be frustrated with the creases that form soon after you put a linen piece on, whether it is a top, dress or pant. Nowadays, the softer types of linen crease a lot less than the older, stiffer form of linen. Linen is meant to give off a “lived in” vibe. While it is impossible to completely prevent your linen from wrinkling, you can steam or iron your linen clothes if they need to freshen up. However, linen will ultimately wrinkle, and that is also part of the beauty of linen. Don’t worry about it too much and just focus on presenting the most confident side of yourself. And of course, linen is perfect for relaxed and less formal occasions.

Pair Them with Summer Clothes

Wear your linen pieces with summer clothes to keep it looking airy and light. A good idea will be sto stick to soft tones like neutral and pastel colors while piecing together your perfect summer or spring outfit.

Dress Up Your Linen Pieces

While linen outfits are great for casual occasions, they can also work for more dressy events. That is, if you are able to get the right silhouette for yourself. If you are thinking of elevating your linen pieces, you can definitely consider pairing it with a well-tailored blazer or a button down. If you are wearing a linen dress, silk-blend or cotton cardigans will go well with it. Not only does it add texture to your outfit, it can also hide wrinkles that may form on your linen piece.

Linen pieces are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. They also look good with many colors and textures. Interested in getting linen pieces for yourself? Casual Tropical Wear offers a wide range of linen clothes for men and women. Feel free to check out our collection today!

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