Keeping Your Guayabera Looking Amazing In Summer And Fall

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Sometimes, keeping your garments looking amazing both during summer and during fall can be quite tricky. This includes guayabera shirts. Increasingly, summers have been getting warmer, and the intense sweltering heat can take a toll on not only crops, people and animals, but on the clothes we wear as well. When people go out in the intense heat, they wish to wash their shirts often to get rid of any perspiration or odors that may remain on the shirt. And since guayabera shirts are also popular options to wear during the fall, they are usually a go-to piece of clothing in people’s closets, which means they need to be washed regularly as well. Guayabera shirts require a specific kind of care to prolong its lifespan and to keep it looking new and fresh. Read on to find out how you should care for your guayabera shirts to keep them looking amazing despite summer or fall.

Washing Guayabera Shirts

Guayabera shirts may seem difficult to wash, but it is actually a lot easier than many people make them out to me. As guayabera shirts are made from either linen or cotton, they can be machine-washed as these materials are pretty sturdy. However, if you wish to remain on the safe side, you may choose to wash guayabera shirts by hand. One thing to remember when you wash guayabera shirts though, is to wash them with similar colors, and to use cold or warm water. A gentle detergent is always recommended as well. If you are concerned about damaging your shirt, send it to a dry cleaner to clean.

Drying Guayabera Shirts

If you need to dry your shirts with a dryer, always opt for low heat or no heat. To prevent your guayabera shirt from shrinking, the recommended way to dry your shirt is to air dry it. If possible, steer clear from clothespins and hangers as these items may possibly deform areas of your guayabera shirt.

Ironing Guayabera Shirts

Whether or not you wish to iron your shirt is completely up to your personal preference. There are some people who like a rugged look, so they do not iron it as the wrinkles contribute to that vibe. However, if you want a more sleek and polished look, you can iron your shirt. The best time to iron it is when it is still slightly damp from the wash. If your shirt has already dried, you can spray some water over it to dampen it before ironing. Use a medium or high heat setting to press your shirt until the wrinkles have disappeared.

Guayabera shirts are popular amongst people in warmer regions, and they wear these shirts throughout the year, from hot summers to cool falls. One thing remains the same no matter when you wear the shirt- and that is to keep it looking amazing so that you can feel your best. Guayabera shirts are not difficult to maintain, and are staple pieces in your wardrobe.

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