Top Reasons To Choose A Guayabera For Weddings

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Happy groom with a linen white guayabera on his wedding day

At a loss of what to wear at your wedding? Or planning a summer wedding and not sure what you should wear to keep you cool? Guayabera shirts are also known as the Mexican wedding shirt, and are something you can definitely consider. Not only do they look formal enough for the altar, they are extremely cooling and comfortable to wear so that the groom can go on with his wedding without being afraid of sweating excessively or retaining too much heat. After all, the groom should feel his best on his wedding day! Here are a few reasons why grooms should consider Guayabera shirts for their wedding day.

It is Made of Cool, Breathable Fabric

One of the top characteristics of Guayabera shirts is that they are breathable, and can keep those wearing it cool. Hence, many grooms who have weddings held during summer or in the South where the weather can be quite warm turn to Guayabera shirts to remain comfortable during their special days. Guayabera shirts are made out of either 100% linen or 100% cotton, which makes them great at dispelling heat. In South America, wearing Guayabera shirts is common as it can get really warm. However, more places are getting hotter and increasingly, more people turn to Guayabera shirts, such as those from Texas and Florida.

It is Cost-Effective

Guayabera shirts are much cheaper than tuxedos, and come at a fraction of buying one. They can even be cheaper than renting a tux. Furthermore, you will be able to wear your Guayabera shirts for a long time as they are durable and are suitable for many occasions. This means that Guayabera shirts are very cost-effective, which ensures you get a bang for your buck.

They have Been Worn Formally for a Long Time

In parts of Latin America, Guayabera shirts have been something many turned to for formal occasions like weddings. This includes places like Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The Guayabera was even declared to be considered a garment for formal events officially in Cuba.

They are Versatile and Easy to Match

Guayabera shirts match with almost everything, and are extremely fashionable and versatile pieces that every man should have in their wardrobe. They are also generally flattering on many body types, and can be worn by men of all ages. No matter your age, you will definitely be able to rock a Guayabera shirt.

They can Be Customized

Guayabera shirts can be tailored, if you are looking for the ultimate perfect fit to look your best in a formal setting. They provide a clean and sleek vibe to help you maintain your charisma on your special day. On the other hand, if you are looking to wear Guayabera shirts in more casual settings, they can be worn loosely, giving off the slightly oversized feel.

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