Four Fabulous Ways To Wear Hawaiian Shirts For Women

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Four Fabulous Ways To Wear Hawaiian Shirts For Women

Did you know that the Hawaiian shirt was invented in Honolulu in 1935 as a quirky souvenir for tourists? This fashion icon has gained and retained popularity and is now a must-have in every woman’s summer wardrobe. However, you may be wondering how you can style this versatile piece, such as what bottoms and shoes to pair with it. In this article, we share with you some fabulous ways for women to style Hawaiian shirts.

Casual and Untucked

If you are on a day out about town, wearing your Hawaiian shirt loosely fitting and untucked will provide you with both style and comfort. It will look perfect with a pair of denim shorts or skirt, and you will be comfortable too! Because casual is the keyword here, either a pair of slippers or sneakers will do for footwear, and the entire assemble will look perfectly put together. 

Bold and Quirky

Hawaiian shirts are also known as “Aloha shirts”, the most popular Hawaiian word every tourist knows. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt with its bold colors and prints used to mean that you stand out instantly. More importantly, they may introduce you as a “tourist” to the area. 

Today, Hawaiian shirts are worn everywhere and during all seasons, although they tend to come out more often in the summer. If you are a fan of the bright and bold look, why not go all out with a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt with quirky prints?

As an Overshirt 

If you are not quite ready to rock the Hawaiian shirt on its own yet, you may want to wear it as an overshirt. What this means is that you wear a monochrome shirt or tank top – preferably in black or white – and put on the Hawaiian shirt over it. This way, the Hawaiian shirt is simply something you slip over, and you can leave it completely unbuttoned. This is an excellent way to achieve a beach causal look without too much effort.

As Part of an Assemble 

When looking for the perfect bottom to pair with your Hawaiian shirt, always think solid colors. Because your Hawaiian shirt already features patterned prints, going for a patterned bottom would be too much. The best way to decide on a color is to look at the prints on your shirt and choose something from there. For instance, if your shirt features sunsets, you may want to go with an orange or brown colored bottom.

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