Guayabera Tips: When Should You Wear Them?

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Guayabera Tips When Should You Wear Them

Although traditionally a men’s garment, urban twists of the guayabera are sold for both men and women today. If you have a guayabera or two in your wardrobe, you may be wondering what are the best occasions to wear them. Made of lightweight material, the guayabera is suitable as both casual and formal wear, especially when the weather gets warmer. In this article, we share with you some guayabera tips as well as some occasions you can wear one.

Characteristics of A Guayabera

If you are just getting acquainted with this versatile garment that hails from Latin America, let us share with you the defining characteristics of a guayabera:

  • Comes with two chest pockets and two pockets at the waist
  • Made of lightweight fabric, usually 100% cotton or linen
  • Features two stripes of vertical pleating on the front of the shirt
  • Side vents on both sides
  • Typically comes in bright colors such as whites and pastels

As the guayabera caught on as a trend, variations have been made. For instance, you can find guayaberas for women at Casual Tropical Wear. We carry both shirts and dresses in our collection.

When Should a Guayabera be Worn?

When it comes to wearing a guayabera, chances are that it will be more acceptable at formal occasions the warmer the weather gets. Guayaberas can be worn to casual occasions such as drinks with friends or a day out. Below is a list of occasions you can wear a guayabera to:

  • Weddings: Guayaberas are not known as “Mexican wedding shirts” for nothing. This garment is perfect for summer or beach weddings. A white guayabera would be acceptable although you can also opt for brighter colors. Just remember to pair it with formal pants!
    • Formal engagements: As a garment with a rich cultural history, guayaberas are worn by men in Latin American countries to formal engagements. You can also choose to do so, but always ensure that your bottoms and footwear are acceptable.
    • Casual occasions: Because the guayabera is such a comfortable piece of clothing, it can be worn for casual occasions, such as when socializing with friends. For a casual look, the short-sleeved version would be acceptable and practical. You can wear it when lounging on the beach or having a few drinks with friends – the possibilities are endless!

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