Four Cool Ways To Wear Hawaiian Shirts For Men

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Four Cool Ways To Wear Hawaiian Shirts For Men

Ever since the Hawaiian shirt was invented in Honolulu in 1935, it has become a fashion icon, at first for tourists. Although initially the Hawaiian shirt was more of a souvenir and reminder of holidaying than anything else, today, it has become an ubiquitous summer fashion icon. When the weather gets warmer, you can find men donning Hawaiian shirts in a variety of prints and colors, from palm trees to sunsets. In this article, we share with you some cool ways to style Hawaiian shirts for men.

Tourist Vibes

In the past, Hawaiian shirts were a predominantly “touristy” thing. It signalled to others that no matter where you were at and where you are from, you are a tourist in that particular location. Hawaiian shirts were items of style that grabbed attention, and rightfully so. Some people are attracted to the bold and bright patterns and prints, however, today you have a lot more choices. Understated prints and colors can be found on Hawaiian shirts for those who do not want all eyes on them yet have been drawn in by the timeless appeal of this fashion icon.

Office Look

Of course, this will depend on the dress code of your workplace. However, if your Hawaiian shirt is a button down that only differs from your other office tops in terms of print, why not? Choose a neutral-colored Hawaiian shirt with subdued prints and pair it with some formal pants and shoes. You will instantly stand out from the rest of the office crowd, and not in a bad way!

Urban Style

If it’s a hot day and you are just going for a walk about town, what better time to show off your Hawaiian shirt? There are numerous ways you can style one: buttoned all the way to the top, with the top two buttons unbuttoned, or completely unbuttoned over a plain, monochrome T-shirt. For a casual, “day at the beach” vibe, complete the look with a pair of shorts and sandals. For the suburban look, pair your Hawaiian shirt with a pair of jeans and sunglasses!

Retro Vibes

The truth is: sometimes, Hawaiian shirts can look like they come from another era, and that’s because they do! Although they have made a major style revival today, you can still style your outfit with a retro vibe. Think unbuttoned top buttons, sneakers and socks that reach midthigh. As for bottoms, the versatility of the Hawaiian shirt means that anything goes!

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