Everything You Need To Know About Guayaberas And Where To Find Them

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Everything You Need To Know About Guayaberas And Where To Find Them

You may have heard about the garment known as a guayabera before. This piece of clothing is most commonly associated with the cultural life of Latin America and the Caribbean. Traditionally a men’s garment, a guayabera is characterized by its four front pockets and two vertical stripes of pleating. Today, some retailers design and carry guayaberas for both men and women, with an urban twist on them. In this article, we share with you more about guayaberas and where you can find them. 

Characteristics of Guayaberas

Guayaberas are usually made of lightweight fabric and besides its distinguishing pockets and pleating, it comes with a few more characteristics that set it apart from other garments. Guayaberas are meant to be worn untuck and to this end, they feature a straight hem. The pockets are meant for storing small items such as keys, and there are decorative elements along the guayabera’s yoke. On top of that, side vents and decorative buttons are two other features you can expect with a guayabera.

Etymology of The Guayabera

Have you ever wondered where the guayabera got its unique name from? Although nobody knows for sure, a theory suggests that it is named for the Spanish word “guayaba”, which means guava. The guayabera is known as the “Mexican wedding shirt” today, and it also goes by different names in other Latin American and Caribbean countries. These include “shirt-jac” and “chacabana”.

History of The Guayabera 

The guayabera is said to originate from Cuba. A local legend suggests that an 18th century farmer asked his wife to make him a garment with multiple pockets, and out of that, the guayabera was born. Regardless of whether that story is true or not, 19th century soldiers, government officers, landowners and manual workers were wearing an early type of guayabera, with four pockets positioned along the hem.

By the 20th century, the guayabera that we know of today with two chest pockets and two hem pockets was being worn all over the cities and urban areas of Cuba. This trend may have caught on because of how commonly they were worn by government officers. Today, guayaberas are still made in small quantities for tourists in Cuba, but is rarely seen on the streets.

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