Everything You Need To Know About Rayon Fabric

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Everything You Need To Know About Rayon Fabric

Rayon is mysterious because it has that distinct capability to shift from one shape to another. This is one of those attributes that make it versatile. It also has the remarkable characteristic of imitating other types of fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, and others. Another thing worth taking note of about rayon fabrics is that they can be used in nearly all types of clothing, among them are those beautifully crafted cardigans, and rayon tops.

The versatility that rayon exudes makes it quite intimidating as a choice of fabric. It makes it particularly challenging to know that this trait makes it difficult for first-time wearers to understand how it really works for a particular occasion. On top of that, many will also question how it can be laundered properly. In order for you to understand it even better, here are things worth taking note of when it comes to this fabric.

What is Rayon Made from?

Rayon is actually created using purified cellulose fibers, which is an end product of wood pulp. This makes rayon natural in terms of its overall structure. Note, however, that there are certain chemicals used in order to process it better. This combination makes rayon a semi-synthetic fabric material.

Are there Different Types of Rayon?

Yes, there certainly are different types produced from this fabric. One is viscose rayon, a fabric whose qualities are similar to what we see in cotton clothing. This makes the fabric perfect both for casual and athletic wearing. It easily absorbs moisture and is breathable too. For other types of rayon, there is the lyocell, which is commonly found in dress shirts and denim, as well as modal rayon, which is created from beech trees.

Characteristics of Rayon

Aside from being moisture-absorbent and breathable, rayon also has other characteristics that are worth taking note of. For one, this fabric is shiny, which gives it that low sheen to a very shiny texture depending on how it has been processed. It is likewise soft and smooth, making it comfortable to the touch. Oftentimes, it is also termed as drapey, or one where it moves in a flowy manner when hung. It makes it feel like liquid form and it is this same attribute that can make it wrinkle that is why it has to be handled with care at all times.

How do you Wash Clothes Made from Rayon Fabrics?

Like any type of fabric, there is a special consideration when laundering rayon. Washing instructions vary on what type of fabric it has been combined with. Since it is not as durable as other fabrics, it is best to handwash clothes made out of it. Machine washing can be a reason for it to shrink and stretch which makes the clothing unappealing during your next wear. It may also bleed with other clothing articles. It is best to check care label instructions before washing it.

Now that you are familiar with rayon as a fabric, are you ready to shop for items with this material? Its versatility will definitely allow you to have plenty of choices according to the occasion where you will be wearing it to.

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