Essential Ironing Tools You Must Have

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Essential Ironing Tools You Must Have

Ironing is vital if you want to appear more polished when going to work or attending important events. While it is necessary to know the basics of ironing, it is also crucial to have the proper tools that would give you that neat and sharp look. In addition to the iron and ironing board, what else are the essential tools for ironing?

High-Performance Steam Iron

There are a wide variety of irons you can choose from on the market and their prices range from under $20 to over $100. For you to get your money's worth and that properly groomed look, you have to choose a steam iron that has high-quality heating performance, steam capacity, and soleplate surface so as not to ruin your precious clothes. You should also consider its weight and the cord's length for ease of use.

Quality Pressing Cloth

If you want to achieve that professional ironing result on your clothes, you must not overlook the importance of a pressing cloth. This tool helps in regulating heat from the iron so fabrics like silk won't melt, get scorched, or burn. You must also use a pressing cloth if you want to prevent those shiny iron-shaped marks from appearing on your clothes.

While professionals use 100% white-colored cotton, any smooth, white fabric that can withstand heat such as muslin will do. Make sure that the fabric is big enough to cover the area that will come in contact with the iron’s soleplate.

Convenient Ironing Board

While some people may do away with the use of an ironing board, others may find that it is more convenient to use one. So, if you feel more comfortable with an ironing board, then there are some important things you need to consider. Make sure that the size, weight, and height of the ironing board fit you. Also, take into account how it will be stored. Some ironing boards can be custom-made, or you can simply purchase readily available ones. Whatever you decide to have, think about its space in your home.

Ironing Board Cover

When you decide to use an ironing board, you should consider the ironing board cover that must come with it. There is a wide variety of design choices for this, but the best ironing board cover has to be made from Teflon-coated cotton with a pad that is lined with foam. The combination of these materials will be more moldable to the ironing board, and it will be easier to maneuver clothes on its surface when ironing.

Fine Spray Bottle

A good quality spray bottle can make your ironing experience more effortless. Creased fabrics, especially those made of natural fibers, linen, and cotton, need to be dampened so it will be easier to iron them. So even when you have a steam iron, supplementing with a spray bottle will make ironing more convenient for you.

Preferable Sleeve Board

One secret of professionally ironed clothing is crease-free sleeves. To achieve this, you may need to purchase a sleeve ironing board. This tool resembles an ironing board in a miniature version. It may be put on top of the ironing board or any flat surface and won't take much storage space.

Good Pressing Ham

The shoulder part is another problematic part of clothing to crease out. Since they are rounded, they are more likely to get wrinkled when ironed on a flat surface. To give that creaseless appearance, you can use a good pressing ham to do the job. This tool usually has two sides. One side is made of wool for fabrics that need low to medium heat like synthetic-blend fabrics such as rayon, and the other side is made of cotton for fabrics that need to be pressed using medium to high heat.

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