Insanely Useful Tips To Properly Washing Spandex Shirts

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Insanely Useful Tips To Properly Washing Spandex Shirts

The introduction of spandex changed the fashion industry forever. It would be terrible if our everyday clothes could stretch easily, as they cannot return to their original size and shape. However, it can be necessary to have fitting clothes that are able to stretch with your every movement while working out or engaging in physical activity. This is where spandex shirts come in. Although they do require a little extra care than your everyday clothes, the benefits of wearing spandex are well worth it for many.

Understanding How to Wash Spandex

As with any other clothing you wear for working out, spandex shirts are meant to be washed after every use. However, if the garment is loose-fitting, you may get away with washing it after two to three wears. The best way to wash spandex is with cold water, allowing it to air dry after that. You do not need to worry about washing your spandex too often as they are meant to stretch and return to their original states after any number of washes. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Washing Spandex

Below is a step-by-step guide on washing your favorite spandex garments:

  • You may wish to soak your spandex shirt, either for half an hour or overnight, depending on how much it smells. This is a common problem as spandex is typically worn for working out.
  • If possible, place your spandex clothing in a laundry bag before subjecting it to machine wash. This helps to protect the elastane fibers of your spandex shirt.
  • Ensure that the washing machine is set to the gentle cycle and using cold or cool water.
  • Where possible, always air dry spandex clothing as the heat on a dryer can cause the structure of elastane fibers to change. If necessary to machine dry, ensure that the dryer is set at the lowest heat setting, and try to remove your clothing when it’s still slightly damp. Allow it to air dry away from direct sunlight as the last step.

As a synthetic fiber, spandex can be stretched more than 500 times before breaking! To maintain or even prolong the lifespan of your spandex shirts, you will want to wash them properly and avoid exposing them to sources of direct heat, such as sunlight and the heat of an iron.

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