Different Ways You Can Style Your Guayabera

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Different Ways You Can Style Your Guayabera

Guayaberas are an extremely comfortable and cool garment that is commonly worn by men. These pieces are perfect for warmer climates or hotter seasons, and are actually very easy to style. If you do not currently have a guayabera in your wardrobe, you should definitely consider purchasing one. This will be a piece that you frequently reach out for due to its versatility. Style it up for formal events, or dress it down to keep it cool and casual. No matter what the occasion is, a guayabera is likely a good choice. Here are some tips on how you can style your guayabera!

Wearing a Guayabera for Weddings

If you are going to attend a wedding, a guayabera is the perfect wedding attire. Guayaberas are known as a Mexican wedding shirt, and is specially designed for warm climates. They are great for beach weddings, or a wedding held in a warm country. Long-sleeved guayaberas will be suitable for occasions like these. You can consider wearing a white or cream colored guayabera, and pair it with either light or dark colored pants. Complete the entire look with dress shoes and you will look presentable and clean for the wedding you are attending.

Wearing a Guayabera Casually

Although the guayabera is more commonly worn for formal events, the comfortable nature of its fabric and design mean that many will reach out for the guayabera for casual wear. Guayaberas also a good option to wear casually- you can opt to wear a light-colored guayabera or a patterned guayabera and pair it with bermudas or jeans. If you stay in a warm area, you can even wear your guayabera with shorts. Complete the outfit with loafers and you are good to go.

Wearing a Guayabera for Formal Events

In many cultures, guayaberas are a staple and the go to option for formal events. In professional and formal contexts, a lot of people will come dressed in guayaberas. In places like Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba, a lot of political leaders wear guayaberas to attend formal events. Of course, in order to look presentable enough for formal events, guayaberas should be paired with dark trousers or formal pants. The best shoes to wear with this outfit is dress shoes, which will make you look polished and ready for the formal event that you are attending.

Guayaberas Come in Many Colors

If you already have lots of white shirts in your wardrobe and are itching to try out different colors and diversify your wardrobe, there are many guayaberas out there which come in a range of different colors. These guayaberas are more of a statement piece, and come in colors like yellow, red, blue, brown and more.

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