Cotton Vs Linen Guayabera: Which One Should You Choose?

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Cotton vs. Linen Guayabera Which One Should You Choose

Are you having trouble deciding between a cotton guayabera and a linen guayabera? Although there are benefits to both options, the one you ultimately choose will depend on reasons such as the weather and your own personal preferences. In this article, we share with you some differences between cotton and linen guayaberas to help you make a more informed decision.

Understanding Guayabera Materials

Most guayaberas are made of either linen or cotton. Below are some of the reasons for using each material:

  • Linen: As the most popular material used for making guayaberas, linen is lightweight and moisture-wicking to an extent. This makes it a popular choice during warm weather and when attending outdoor events such as weddings.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a durable material and you can find guayaberas of many styles and colors in this material. Cotton guayaberas can also be more cost-effective.
  • Today, there are a wide range of guayaberas for sale, including guayaberas for women and children. 

    Moisture-Wicking Properties 

    One major difference between linen and cotton guayaberas is their moisture-wicking properties. We all know how cotton reacts to sweat: by absorbing it from your body onto the garment. During hot days, this can be undesirable as you are basically walking around with a drenched shirt. 

    On the other hand, linen will wick some of the moisture onto the garment, but most of the sweat remains on your body. This means that when you have the chance to cool down, you will not be walking around with a completely soaked garment. As such, linen is the “cooler” option of the two during warm weather.


    Besides keeping your guayabera dryer for longer, linen is also more breathable than cotton. This means that you are likely to sweat less in a linen guayabera as compared to a cotton guayabera. As linen has wider and lengthier fabric fibers, this allows air to pass through more easily, cooling the body. 

    Texture and Durability

    Although cotton feels softer to the touch and is more flexible than linen, it is not as durable. That does not make one better than the other – it depends on what you are willing to compromise on based on your personal preferences. Linen may be more rigid than cotton but its fibers are more rigid and as a result, linen guayaberas have a longer lifespan than cotton ones. 

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