Your Ultimate Guide To Washing Your Linen Clothes

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Your Ultimate Guide To Washing Your Linen Clothes

Linen is one of the most unique and comfortable materials out there. They are perfect for all ages and all climates. Not only do they look good, they feel amazing as the material is lightweight and breathable, keeping the surface of the skin very cool. Furthermore, this material is able to help regulate body temperature, as well as keep the skin dry by wicking away moisture. This allows you to stay comfortable, no matter what the season is. This popular material is also strong and sturdy, which makes it both durable and stylish. Do you own linen clothes but are unsure how you should be washing them? Read on to find out more!

What Should You Take Note Of?

Before you wash any garment, it is important to take a look at the washing care and instructions. Linen is sometimes made up of blended fabrics, which may sometimes require extra specific care. However, linen is generally fuss free and easy to take care of. Although most pure linen dresses, shirts, trousers and tunics can be simply tossed into a washing machine for washing, some other types of linen garments may need dry cleaning. By neglecting the care instructions on these pieces, you could potentially shorten the lifespan of your outfit or ruin it.

Linen clothing that is made of poorer quality may not wash well, unlike finer linens. Hence, it is important to buy your linen apparels from a reputable retailer that sells good quality linen. The bottom line is, read the care instructions to prevent the fabric from weakening or shrinking.

What to Know About Washing Linen Clothes

When washing your linen clothes in a machine, it should always be washed on a gentle cycle. Choose the maximum water level in the washing machine to allow the linen pieces to move freely. You should also take care not to put too many garments into the washing machine at one time. Overcrowding the machine can pull or twist the linen fabric, making it out of shape.

In addition, ensure that the other items you are throwing into the wash together with linen is made of a similar color and material.

If you intend to wash your linen clothes by hand, remember to wash it gently instead of wringing it, scrubbing it or twisting it. For linen clothes which are not heavily soiled, it is recommended to hand wash it gently. This is especially so for linen garments made of a looser weave. Machine washes may damage these linen pieces.

Lastly, ensure that you wash your linen clothes in lukewarm water with mild detergent. If you use water that is too hot, your linen pieces may shrink, making it difficult to wear after. Ensure that the detergent is completely rinsed off before you hang it to dry.

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