Quick & Easy Ways To Remove Any Stains From Your Linen Clothes

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Quick and Easy Ways To Remove Any Stains From Your Linen Clothes

Linen clothes are some of the most popular clothes to wear in climates that are hot and humid. These clothes are incredibly lightweight, and helps perspiration evaporate very quickly, keeping the surface of the skin cool. This is why many people reach out for linen clothes. But, what happens when you stain your linen clothes? Read on to find out quick and easy ways to remove stains from your linen clothes.

How Should You Wash Linen Clothes

Linen is made up of a natural fiber, which is manufactured from flax plant’s stem. Once these fibers are woven into fabric, it results in a strong and durable material, which is resistant to perspiration. When linen is wet, it is weaker and more prone to damage. Hence, it is important to wash linen clothes with care.

Before you start washing your linen clothes, you should always take care to check if there are special care instructions for them. Lined jackets and coats may sometimes require professional dry cleaning due to their delicate linings and fabrics. If your linen garment is suitable for washing, it should be turned inside out in order to prevent the fibers on the surface of the garment from breaking. When washing your linen garments, opt to hand wash them, or wash them on the gentle cycle with lukewarm water.

Removing Stains from Linen Clothes

If you have stained your linen clothes, the stain should be treated before the apparel is thrown into the wash. However, one important thing to take note of is that if your linen clothes has been dyed before to a color like khaki, then using a stain removal product may result in your linen apparel changing colors. To be safe, you can use the stain removal product on a hem or seam inside before using it on the stain. If you find that the color transfers after using the stain removal product, then try to switch to another product which is safe for linen instead.

Even if your linen apparel is white in color, bleach should not be used directly on your linen pieces. This is because chlorine bleach may weaken linen fibers. If you intend to use bleach, you should use a diluted bleach solution safe for linen. However, it is important to know that even solutions which have been diluted may result in the weakening of linen fibers, so do not use diluted bleach solution often. By using this solution too often, the fibers on the apparel may wear out or rip.

Drying Your Linen Clothes

After successfully washing and removing the stains on your linen clothes, air dry them instead of putting them in the dryer. The dryer can cause linen clothes to shrink. If you like the rustic look of un-ironed linen fabric, you can keep the shirt straight in your closet. Otherwise, remember to iron the piece before keeping it in the wardrobe.

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  • Chlorine bleach may weaken linen fibers. If you intend to use bleach, you should use a diluted bleach solution safe for linen. Some common cleaners in your home: lemon juice, salt, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing liquid, baby shampoo. Do they work with linen? ☀️ https://goodhometime.com/ ☀️

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