What You Need To Know About Viscose Fabric

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What You Need To Know About Viscose Fabric

Are you looking for the perfect outfit to wear for a wedding or an office gathering? Those made out of viscose fabric can be one of your choices. While the fabric has been around for many years now, only a few people really understand what it is about. Learn about the special characteristics and more about this fabric as you read on.

Viscose Defined

Viscose is a type of rayon that has been made out of wood pulp and is commonly used as a substitute to silk. It has a luxurious, smooth feel to it, and drapes the same way as elegant, classy fabrics do. It can be used in several applications, ranging from cord to clothing. Out of all the different types of rayon, it has the lowest wet strength, making it more likely to lose its shape and shrink during the washing process.

Viscose is also more affordable when compared to other fabrics that have natural fibers, like silk and cotton. Do not be surprised to see a more expensive cotton top than a viscose dress. Combining it with Lycra makes it even more stretchy, thus giving it a more natural synthetic fiber feel. This makes the fabric more bio-based by nature.

What Makes Viscose Popular?

Amateur and professional tailors and seamstresses know about viscose. Since it comes in plenty of shapes and patterns, it has long become a favorite among clothing experts out there. This is because the fabric is versatile, suitable for various models, and can be combined flexibly with other fabrics. You can also use it during humid and hot summer days since it feels cold to the skin as it absorbs moisture easily.

Just like other rayon fabrics, it is also breathable, an attribute that is common in fabrics that are not 100% synthetic. On top of that, the fabric also has an outstanding color retention capability. It can be dyed easily, thus giving fashion designers the chance to dye the fabric as they want depending on their project. You will be left in awe once you see the fabric in the most fashionable color combinations.

Taking Care of Viscose Fabric

Once you are washing clothes made out of this fabric, you will notice that it loses its strength and structure when it is wet. This same characteristic dictates that you should not launder it in the washing machine, or else it can get damaged. This is also the reason why clothing made out of this fabric says, "dry clean." Never pull or twist the fabric, if not, you won't be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Handwashing is a gentle option to clean the fabric. When doing so, you should not wring it. Cold or lukewarm water is best when washing clothes made out of viscose. Make sure that you go for mild laundry detergent as well. Just press on the clothes after washing it to remove excess water. When using a washing machine, set it on the gentle or delicate cycle. Leave it to air dry.

What if Viscose Gets Stained?

When you get stain on your viscose clothing, the next best thing to do is remove the stains as soon as possible. Leaving the stains to dry will make cleaning it more challenging later on. Never scrub the stained part as it will leave the fabric looking worn out after repeated scrubbing.

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