Pulling Off Linen For Work

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Pulling Off Linen For Work

Depending on where you work, you may have a casual and hip dress code if your workplace is trendy enough. Even then, however, when it comes to office wear, you still might not get away with even your best pair of jeans. Particularly during the warmer days of summer, consider pulling off linen – especially if it's tailored. Linen trousers and a linen blazer can give you a classy yet casual and "cool" look – in more ways than one.

Starting At the Top

Let's begin at the top of your outfit: Every man's closet should have at least one navy blazer. They tend to look a little more formal than you might like, on occasion. If it's made from linen, however, you can strike a perfect balance with that blazer. Now let's look at the rest of your linen attire and accessories.

Linen Pants

Unfortunately, the reputation of linen pants has taken a beating in the past. Automatically people picture lounging around the pool, drawstrings, and baggy pants when they think of trousers made from linen. This couldn't be further from the truth, particularly if the linen trousers are tailored. Use your tax refund or save those pennies and get a couple of your outfits tailored. It's money well spent.

To build a more versatile wardrobe, complement various articles of clothing with a dedicated collection of separates.

Dressing Up the Outfit

What if you want to dress up that linen blazer and linen trousers for a meeting, a lunch that leans a bit more toward formal, or some other impromptu occasion? You can still wear your linen! But the texture should match the rest of your outfit. You're going for a visual "feel". With your linen pants and a blazer combo, do not – repeat do not – choose a shiny silk tie! A rougher texture is called for here.

What About Shoes?

The kind of shoes you pick will have everything to do with whether you're on vacation, just enjoying a little leisure time, wearing a business suit, or attending a wedding.

  • Vacation shoes – Here you want to be trendy but comfortable. If you’re going to be on your feet all day, choose sneakers. A good pair of espadrilles will give you a more laid-back vacation vibe. Of course, there are always a nice pair of colored boat shoes.
  • Leisure – Opt for boat shoes, or tassel or penny loafers for a complete relaxed, casual look. Keep colors light such as white, light brown, or tan. For a youthful trend, go with sneakers. Stay away from bright colors, however.
  • With a formal linen suit – Laced up shoes like monk shoes, oxfords, or Brogues are recommended for formalwear. Go with plain toe oxford shoes or brown toe oxford shoes with a blue linen suit.
  • Wedding – Depending on the color of your suit, go with slip-ons or formal oxfords or derby shoes in tan or brown. 

Looking for a Linen Shirt And Pants?

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