Microfiber vs. Cotton Fabric

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Microfiber vs Cotton Fabric

There are two types of fabrics which are pitted against each other all the time, but sad to say, there is not enough information that shows their difference from each other. On this page, the battle between microfiber vs. cotton will be put to an end.

Microfiber and Cotton Defined

Microfiber is made from a petroleum-based synthetic material. This blend makes it durable and comfortable enough to use for daily wear. It also has other qualities that make it look like it uses natural fiber for clothing. It also has densely woven filaments that are finer when compared to human hair, plus it is made from other synthetic materials like rayon, and acrylic. Most often, though, it is made from nylon and polyester.

Cotton, on the other hand, is made from natural plant fibers. This explains why cotton shirts are often favored by many. They are comfortable to wear because they are made from a popular fabric of choice for many people. Just like microfiber, the fabric is wash and wear, thus making it deal for daily work or casual wear.

Are Both Fabrics Comfortable?

Both fabrics have been highly popular due to their comfort and softness. Just like other fabrics that are compared and contrasted against each other, the two have their differences too. This depends on how the wearer looks at them. Microfiber has tight weaves on them, thus making it water repellent and wind resistant too. This is why it is more popular to athletes. It also has moisture-wicking qualities, meaning, it has the capability to hold water. It becomes heavier when wet. Cotton, is then opted for by many because it is cooler and more breathable to the skin.

Getting to Know their Durability

Both fabrics can last many years, that is, with proper care. Note, however, that the cotton fabric's durability depends on some factors like the weave's tightness, and fiber strength. It follows that poorly-made cotton fabrics can deteriorate more quickly. Those that are of good quality, on the other hand, are more comfortable to wear with repeated washing. They even become softer the longer you wear them. In the case of microfiber, materials are more consistent when compared to cotton. This makes the manufacturing process lesser for microfiber shirts, and all other apparel using the fabric. 

How to Wash Them?

Microfiber garments should be washed using a washing machine. They can also be tumble-dried after. It is best to use fabric softener sheets in order to reduce static cleaning while they are in the dryer. There is little to no ironing required after washing them since microfiber has its wrinkle-resistant properties. Remember that it can melt under hot iron. It is best to set iron on low heat and use a press cloth to prevent the material from shining.

Cotton can be taken care of easily. It can tolerate frequent washing, drying, and even rough handling. Hand washing is best for some cotton fabrics though. Others need dry cleaning. Note that the fabric wrinkles easily and has a tendency to shrink, thus it is best to iron them after every wash. It is also imperative to read the care tag whenever laundering any of these two materials.

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