Effective Ways To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Closet

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Effective Ways To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Closet

One of the peskiest problems we can face in homes is the presence of mold in our closets. Not only is mold dreadful to the eyes, but it also is incredibly harmful to our health. Cough, watery eyes, and an itchy throat are just some of the common symptoms caused by the accumulation of mold in closets. It’s no secret that mold is an unwelcome intruder, so we have prepared a list of methods to prevent it from growing in our closets. 

Hang Only Dry Clothes 

Since mold thrives in a moist and confined environment, it’s best to keep off any damp clothing from the closet, even if it’s about to dry. The slight presence of moisture can be the ideal breeding ground for mold to grow. And contrary to popular belief, dryers do not entirely remove water from clothing. As such, the fail-safe way is to hang your clothes in a well-ventilated area under the sun until absolutely dry before placing them in the closet. 

Clean the Closet Once a Month 

Another way that leads to the spread of mold is the growth of bacteria. While mold does not necessarily result from a lack of hygiene, closets can be tedious to clean, especially if you own a lot of clothing, and are notoriously overlooked. If the closet goes unwashed for long periods, there’s no doubt mold and mildew will start to breed. Hence, take some effort every once in a while to declutter your clothing and wipe down your closet space. It will all be worthwhile. 

Reduce Humidity in the Closet 

Mold settles on areas where there is sufficient moisture, and what causes excess moisture? Yes, that’s right, humidity. For those who live in humid climates, it’s advisable to open your closet doors frequently to allow the clothing to breathe. If you find that’s too much work, you can try placing air purifiers, specifically those with HEPA filters, which capture tiny particles of mold spores, in your closet. 

Ditch Wooden Shelves 

You’ll want to steer clear of wood if you'd like to prevent mold from making a sudden appearance in your closet. Since wood naturally absorbs and retains moisture, those factors combined with a lack of ventilation will accumulate mold in the closet. Instead, opt for wire structures as your closet shelving as this will improve air circulation, particularly for folded clothes. 

Don’t Ignore Musty Scents 

If you start to notice a musty scent emanating from the closet, don’t ignore it and quickly take action by removing all your clothes and eliminating any signs of mold. By this stage, an air purifier will no longer do the trick. In the scenario of mildew popping up on the clothing, you can wash it out by adding a cup of mold removal products such as bleach, vinegar, and baking soda into your laundry. 

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