Closet Hacks: Organizing Your Closet Like A Pro

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Closet Hacks Organizing Your Closet Like A Pro

Let’s face it, organizing your closet can be difficult. We often imagine having an ideal closet with clean shelves, color-coordinated clothes, and all our favorite items in reach, but the reality is sometimes different. The good news is that organizing your closet can be a fun and productive afternoon project. From considerations of your closet structure to the actual organizing and decluttering of your items, allow us to offer some tips on organizing your closet like a professional. Let’s dive right in!

Creating Structure

The first rule of organization is knowing where you want to store your items. Having a sense of where your things belong and where you want to find them is the first step in organizing your closet. This can include considerations of whether you prefer to have your clothes hanging or folded on a shelf, what kind of filing systems in have in place for your drawers and trays. With a clearer picture of where you want your items to be, how they can contribute to the visual appeal, and how efficient a revamped and reorganized storage space will be for you, you can approach the task of organizing much more easily!

You can approach the task of creating a structure by purchasing organizational boxes, re-thinking your placement of different items like tropical wear, jewelry, and off-season items, and also visualizing the placement of your items.

Clean, Organize, and Declutter

The next step is taking out everything you own from the closet and decluttering items. This facilitates the process of decluttering. It can be painful to declutter your items, but it is a necessary step in making sure your closet only has the things you need. This is especially important if you find yourself running low on storage space in the finite space of your closet. One trick that helps in decluttering is to focus on the things you want to keep in your closet, rather than the things you have to get rid of. Items you no longer use can be donated, recycled, or sold. After all, clearing out our old items can make room for new clothes.

This process involves the cleaning of your closet. By dusting its various components, vacuuming, and wiping down the rods, baseboards, and walls, you refresh your closet and prevent it from becoming musty.

Design Your Space and Store Your Clothes

It’s time to reorganize your items and put them back in your closet in just the way you like them! Here are some tips:

  • Start with your least-used items. These can be seasonal clothing or items such as fancy shoes, costumes, or winter jackets.
  • Group similar items together. When everything you need is in one place, you can find what you need more easily and track storage space requirements.
  • Reserve the most accessible parts of your closet for the clothes and items you wear most often. This helps with efficiency, as you will have all the things you need within a hand’s reach.
Label your bins, boxes, and baskets. Keeping track of what is in your storage containers can provide peace of mind and a sense of order.

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