Why Choose Linen?

Azucar Ladies Linen Why Choose Linen

Historically, clothing made of linen was only available to people of high social status, such as monarchs, knights, and priests. However, since flax cultivation has become widespread in the 16th century, more linen is produced and made available to more people. These days, it is possible to enjoy a wide range of products that are made of this high-quality fabric without breaking the bank. These items include towels, bedding, and clothing. Especially for linen clothes, people who wear it often are full of praise for it. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose linen clothes.


Linen is one of the strongest natural fiber in the world. Compared to cotton clothes, linen clothes are much more durable. As a result, clothes made of linen tend to be highly durable and long-lasting. If you are tired of having your shirts lose shape after a few washes, choose linen. Linen clothes can retain their shape after washing. In fact, washing them over time can actually make them softer and more comfortable to wear. With the proper care, linen clothes can last for generations.

Bohio Mens Linen Why Choose Linen

Easy to Care for

While linen clothes are durable, they still require proper care to keep them in good shape. The good news is that linen clothes are very easy to care for. For convenience, linen clothes can be machine washed. The important thing to note is to use cold water and avoid bleach or detergents with optical whiteners. It is fine to tumble dry or air dry linen clothes. Following these tips will keep the natural fiber strong.


Many people have allergies and skin conditions that are sensitive to the type of fabric used in their clothes. Fabrics that allow moisture to accumulate serve as an ecosystem for bacteria to breed and thrive. This can aggravate the symptoms for those who are allergic or have sensitive skin. With linen, however, one does not have to worry about this as it is a hypoallergenic material. Due to its breathability, air can move around freely to dry up any moisture in the fabric.

Bohio Mls Linen Why Choose Linen

Suitable for Every Season

While linen clothes, such as guayaberas, are known to be worn during the summer or in tropical countries due to its breathability, it is actually suitable for every season. This is due to the thermal regulating property of linen. It is a natural insulator that retain the heat from the body during cold weather while its moisture wicking property will release excess humidity.


Linen is a lightweight, thermoregulating, moisture wicking, and breathable fabric. As such, it is one of the most comfortable fabric that is used to make clothing. Furthermore, linen clothes are typically designed in such a way that they are loose fitting. This adds to the comfort level of wearing linen clothes as they are suitable for people of all sizes and ages.

With so many benefits of linen, it is not surprising that it remain a top choice of fabric for many people today. As an environmentally-friendly fabric, why not make linen your sustainable choice too?