Tips for Wearing a Guayabera

Bohio Mens White Cotton Shirt (Cotton Vs Linen) The humble guayabera began as casual wear for the working class. Most were farmers and fruit pickers. In their hot and humid countries thick clothing was out of the question. Guayaberas are usually thin and made from breathable material. Today the guayabera has evolved to become a clothing for all occasions, from casual to formal to business wear. Many political figures have been seen in them at public appearances. The modern day guayabera is suitable for all gender and all ages.

The Casual Guayabera

In America, with its mix of Mexicans, Dominicans and other people from Latin America, the guayabera is pretty common. Even people not from Latin America are starting to wear them. The guayabera is usually worn as a casual shirt, and tucked out. Three categories exist for casual wear.

For the working class, this is the easiest to match pants with. You can wear jeans, boots, and because of the bright sun colors of the guayabera it reflects sunlight and heat away from the wearer. Work guayabera are usually not expensive too. If it tears from work, just get a new one.

Bohio Guayabera Linen (Cotton Vs Linen)

Guayaberas looks good during any festival. If the weather is hot, this is better than any thick shirt that will make you sweat buckets. You can see guayaberas at Mexican weddings, even in Hawaii, where they have a similar climate. Festive variants usually have more complicated embroidery and are more colorful.

Tourist guayaberas are loud shirts. The most colorful and vibrant are usually from this category. Holidaying Americans buy these. These are usually cheap and made from synthetics.

The Formal Guayabera

A Mexican politician started to wear the guayabera as a snub to the western business suit. It also helps to connect him to the working class. Since then, the guayabera has been an acceptable form of business wear in Latin America and the Carribeans.

The formal guayaberas are always long sleeved. The thin material does not make you sweat, unlike your business shirt. Formal guayaberas are plain, usually one color. D not buy a loud and vibrant variant, as this will make you look crass. There are also only two pockets instead of the normal four. In this case simple is good. If you want to look better, go for a tailored one. Formal ones should never look loose or baggy.

Bohio Mens White Cotton Shirt (Cotton Vs Linen)

The guayabera is a shirt that is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. If you are lazy and not picky, you can buy a plain long sleeved one that will suit all occasions. Just roll up the sleeves if it is too hot. Good quality guayaberas should not collect mildew, and for a comfortable fit, find one made from 100% cotton, and avoid synthetics. You should tailor a guayabera if you want a close fit. Patterns and embroidery are dependent on individual taste and the occasion you wear it on. You may want to look at some from here for an idea of the various designs and colors available, and what to buy with it.