Linen vs. Cotton

Bohio Mens White Cotton Shirt (Cotton Vs Linen)As people are getting more environmentally-conscious, natural fabrics are picking up on their popularity. Natural fabrics are well-loved by many, mainly due to their comfort, durability, and functionality. However, you may be wondering about which natural fabric is the best. In this article, we will compare two commonly-used natural fabrics: linen and cotton. Read on to find out which fabric is the better of the two.

Differences between Linen and Cotton

Cotton is more widely used than linen, hence more people would be familiar with it. However, this does not mean that cotton is a better fabric than linen. The easiest way to differentiate between linen and cotton is to touch and look at the fabrics. Linen will feel a little thicker and tougher than cotton. When observing the two fabrics through sight, you can notice that linen has a more uneven texture as some threads are thicker in some parts than in others. This is because linen has longer fibers than cotton. Additionally, linen will have a visible lined pattern in its weave as compared to cotton, which will look more uniform and smoother.

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Linen Clothes vs. Cotton Clothes

Both linen and cotton are commonly used to make clothes. While both fabrics are comfortable on the body, the thermoregulating properties of linen has cotton beat. Studies have shown that people wearing linen clothes sweat less than those wearing cotton clothes. This is because the breathability of linen can release excess heat from the body. Furthermore, linen is also moisture wicking, which means that sweat from the body will get drawn to the exterior of the fabric, thus allowing it to evaporate quicker. As less moisture is trapped within the fibers, less bacteria will breed on linen clothes. As such, linen is less likely to cause skin sensitivity and allergies. Linen is also a highly versatile material for clothing. Whether you are going for a formal event or a casual day out, you can find suitable linen clothes from linen guayaberas to linen dresses.


Linen is a more sustainable fabric than cotton as it has a lower water footprint. Linen is made from the flax plant, which is able to grow in poor soils, require little to no fertilizer, and less water. Fewer pesticides are used in growing flax than cotton and linen fibers can be processed without using harmful chemicals. On the other hand, although organic cotton is an environmentally-friendly material, it requires a large area of land to grow. As a fully biodegradable material that is less resource-hungry, linen is the obvious winner in the area of sustainability.

Bohio Mens Guayabera Cotton Shirt (Cotton vs Linen)

Comparing Texture, Look, and Feel

As mentioned earlier, the texture, look, and feel of linen and cotton are different. While cotton fabric is more even, this is not aligned with the current trend as many will find the uniformity of cotton fabric bland and boring. On the flip side, linen fabric has a texture and look that is stylish as there is depth to the fibers.

While linen and cotton are both natural fabrics that are well-sought after, linen is by far the better choice among the two.