Tips On Attending An Outdoor Wedding

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Tips On Attending An Outdoor Wedding

Being invited to a wedding gives one an exciting feeling. What more when that occasion is to be held outdoors? To some, this kind of reception is more appealing than the usual stricter indoor venue. There is a disadvantage when you attend outdoor weddings, however. Note, though, that you just need to follow the tips below to keep yourself comfortable most especially when saying yes to the invitation during summer time.

Keep Yourself Comfortable and Hydrated

One thing to consider is the makeup you will wear to the occasion. During this time, you don't want too much sweat falling on your face. Blotting papers should be in handy too. Select a deodorant that won’t leave a mark on your wedding outfit. 

Make sure to bring a bottle of water with you as well. Keep yourself hydrated and feeling cool during the occasion. Avoid heatstroke further by making sure that you don't go overboard when ingesting alcoholic drinks.

Choose What You Wear

At this time of the year, your best partner is a fabric that offers comfort and breathability, while making sure that you stick to the formalities of the affair. Cotton is a popular choice because it is a breathable fabric. The same thing goes for linen and silk. It is best to avoid synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester.

Women must wear dresses with light, flowy designs, and are made out of lightweight fabrics. Stick with light-shade designs as well, but make sure you won't wear white. That's the color for the bride so better ditch that shade in order not to overshadow the main character. Light-colored linen suit is best for men.

Choose Your Footwear Carefully as Well

Stilettos are a women's best friend to these occasions, at least most of the time. Imagine how elongated your legs will look when you wear one? Well, unfortunately, this does not work for an outdoor wedding venue. There are cobblestones that you might trip on or grasses that you might sink into when you choose this footwear. If you want to be a few inches taller, you can go for the wedge heel, but if height does not matter at all, your ballerina flats will be the best partner for the affair. If it is set on the beach, then an espadrille goes cool with your flowy dress. 

Wear Something for Your Protection

Outdoor weddings can make your skin feel sticky and sunburnt after. To prevent that from happening, you must wear sunscreen with decent SPF. In case the reception is held until the evening, make sure that you also have a bug spray in your wristlet. For beachside weddings, it won't hurt to bring a parasol or a fancy hat with you.

Your Hairstyle Matters as Well

Aside from wearing just enough makeup, cool dress, and comfortable shoes, it also helps if you choose a hairstyle that fits the occasion. Make sure that your choice will keep you cooler as well. Wear your long hair on a bun to make sure that no strand of hair goes to your face.

Keep Your Cool

Bring a fold-down hand fan to keep you cool during the ceremonies. If you are looking forward to bring a battery fan, make sure that it is not that noisy to catch other's attention.

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  • In Aruba it’s always warm and windy. Very challenging for bridal party and guests!

    Crooze on
  • My sister and her partner first met at a mountaineering club so they plan to have their wedding at a venue near the mountains as well in Brevard to commemorate this. It’s good that you advised to wear light dresses with flowy designs for women attending outdoor weddings if they want something that will go well with the venue of the ceremony. I’ll take note of this while I look for a mountain wedding center in Brevard to contact for inquiries soon.

    Clare Martin on

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