Linen 101: Q And A On Wearing Linen

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Linen 101 Q And A On Wearing Linen

Wearing linen is particularly popular in summer, though it can be worn year-round. One of the most desirable benefits of wearing linen, of course, is that it is so lightweight, breathable, and capable of keeping you cool in hot climates. What's more, with various styles and colors, linen can be worn by people of all ages, genders, and shapes.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how amazing linen garments truly are! To help clear things up a bit, we've put together a collection of questions and answers regarding linen.

What Kinds of Fabrics Combine Well with Linen?

It's easy to match articles of clothing with linen. Denim goes particularly well with linen. Grab a linen blazer, or a linen shirt or blouse, and pair it with blue jeans. If things threaten to get a little cool later on, grab a cashmere cardigan to bring along.

What Goes Well With a Linen Blouse?

The answer to this question is a little trickier, because it depends on the blouse itself. A nice pair of black trousers or jeans would go with a pink linen blouse. An orange linen blouse, or something else that's brightly colored, would look great with a deep blue summer skirt.

Can I Look Good in Baggy Linen Trousers?

First of all, let's clear something up. Though some linen trousers look good poolside with drawstrings and a bit of bagginess to them, linen pants do not have to be baggy! Absolutely not.

That said, most any body type can pull off baggy linen pants. To balance things out, wear a short-sleeved fitted top or tank top and play with your choice of accessories.

For a dressier look, consider getting at least one pair of linen trousers custom fitted.

Can I Wear a Linen Dress in Spring?

Though linen is worn frequently in summer, it can be worn during other seasons as well. After those cold days of winter, you're likely ready to freshen things up in springtime, so why not do so with a linen dress? To make sure you’re warm enough, you might want to go with three-quarter sleeves or long sleeves.

Is Linen Sleepwear Beneficial?

Whether you’re super relaxed or sleeping, you will be particularly comfortable in linen attire. Because it is highly breathable, the comfort level is astounding. Increase your comfort even more with some high-quality linen bedding for maximum sleep benefits.

Do Formal Events and a Linen Dress Go Together?

We may have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. One of linen’s most attractive traits is that it is so very versatile. It can be dressed down, dressed up - what have you. There is literally no situation in which linen won’t somehow fit in. Try out a deep blue linen dress if you're a fan of dark colors.

Whether you're attending an art gallery opening, a fine dining event, or a wedding, a linen dress is going to be a perfect fit.

It's Time To Include Linen in Your Wardrobe!

Linen pieces are highly versatile, can be dressed down or up – according to the occasion – and are suitable for all shapes, ages, and genders. What's more, linen apparel looks great because there are so many colors and textures. Interested in purchasing some new linen clothing? Casual Tropical Wear offers a wide range of linen fashions for women and men. Please, before you shop elsewhere, check out our collection.

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