5 Easy Ways To Make Your Closet Smell Amazing

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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Closet Smell Amazing

There’s nothing more that could ruin your day than a foul-smelling closet as you get dressed. The odor is musty and causes your nose to scrunch up in disgust. While we may assume that the smell solely results from unclean clothes, dust, or dirty shoes, most of the time it’s also due to mold and mildew. In order to prevent this embarrassing problem from occurring, we have provided a few tips and tricks to ensure that your closet is nicely fragranced. 

Keep Only Clean Clothes 

This should be self-explanatory. Even though it’s normal for some people to store their used jeans, sweaters, and other clothing back into the closet, it’s an unhygienic practice as that means your body oils and environmental pollutants will linger longer in the closet, thus producing a stench. Break this bad habit by putting your clothes into the laundry immediately after wearing them. 

Ensure to Wear Your Clothes 

We get it, we hoard clothes all the time and may not have the occasion to wear all of our clothing. However, clothes made out of natural materials such as cashmere and wool can easily be a breeding ground for insects to lay eggs when left in the closet for a long time. Other clothing can also produce mildew or an unpleasant smell if it’s not worn and washed. 

Allow Ventilation 

It’s vital for fabrics to breathe and have air circulate around in order to prevent them from turning musty. For those who do not have a walk-in closet, try hanging your clothes as much as possible instead of stacking and folding them. This will protect the clothing against potential molding and mildew by allowing air to pass through. Placing a dehumidifier can also decrease the level of excess moisture in the closet. 

Organize Your Closet 

Aside from preventing dust buildup and pests, an organized closet is simply satisfying and allows us to browse through our clothing easily. Consider decluttering any unused clothing, accessories, and shoes to free up space, which in turn also ventilates the closet. You can also contribute to a good deed by donating these items. In addition, you can also store seasonal clothing when it’s not in use, for example, coats and jackets during the summer and swimsuits during the winter. 

Add Closet Fragrances 

One hack to make your closet smell good is adding closet fragrances, notably cedar, pine, and eucalyptus scents. This is especially helpful for those who live in humid climates. As cedar removes moisture from the air, it hampers the spread of mold and mildew in the closet. However, cedar can be expensive so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, try pine, which can repel insects. Another popular fragrance is eucalyptus as it is a natural anti-fungal deodorizer. 

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