Linen Advantages


Known for its breathability and ability to take the heat away from our bodies, linen clothes are a popular fashion choice during the summer. The comfort of clothes made of linen makes it even more perfect for the warmer months when everyone is out enjoying the warm sunbeams. Laid back yet elegant, linen brings about multiple advantages. Read on to understand why people love linen.

Strong Natural Fiber

As one of the strongest natural fibers in the world, linen makes a strong fabric that only gets stronger and more comfortable after washes. With linen clothes, you need not worry about your clothes losing their shape in the washing machine anymore. Using the proper care when handling linen, clothes made of this durable material can last for years. While you may machine wash linen clothes, always use cold water and avoid bleach or detergents with optical whiteners as they may weaken the natural fibers.


Sustainable Fashion

Made from flax plants, a resilient plant that can be easily grown and require little fertilizer, the linen production process has been found to be much less water intensive than cotton. As such, linen clothes have less water footprint. The flax plant can be used in its entirety to produce a variety of products, from varnishes to food to clothing. This reduces the wastage of plants when linen clothes are produced. Furthermore, as a natural fiber, linen is biodegradable and recyclable.

Insect Repelling

If your wardrobe is unfortunately infested with fiber-consuming insects like moths, you will love linen clothes. This is because linen is a naturally insect repelling fabric. Often, when clothes are left in the wardrobe for some time, one may find that moths have weakened the integrity of the fibers and there may even be holes in the clothes. It would be absolutely devastating if it is a particular outfit that one loves or left behind by a loved one. This sort of upsetting situation will not happen when you retrieve your warm weather linen clothes to prepare for the summer after storing them away for months.



Linen clothes come in all shapes and forms. Whether you are dressing up to attend a work conference or to hang out at the beach, you can find suitable clothing made of linen to wear. From linen dresses to linen guayaberas, linen is a versatile fabric that can be used in any occasion.


Besides being known for its breathability, linen is also a popular fabric choice because it is lightweight, thermoregulating, and moisture wicking. This means that linen clothes can release excess heat from the body quickly and draw moisture quickly to the exterior of the fabric, thus allowing the water to evaporate easily. Often designed to be loose fitting, linen clothes are highly comfortable to wear.

There are many advantages that linen brings as a fabric, and these are just a few of the top advantages of using linen. As such, linen is a comfortable, lasting, and sustainable fabric choice for many people.